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SUMMARY IN ENGLISH Tilbake Utskriftsvennlig side


Founded: 17 March 1979
Number of members: 1 600

Category of members:
Fire brigade officers of any kind, from brigades of any type. The association is open for other members with profession close to fire-brigades, such as leaders of industrial professional brigades. It is also possible to be a support-member.

The Association is ruled by a board of 9 members, elected on the General Meeting every second Year.
The Members are members in regional divisions, of which there are 16, almost covering the country. The regional divisions send representatives to the General Meeting.

The Members pay a yearly sub ion fee of NOK 150,-. Other income is a project-based agreement about fire prevention activities with an insurance company and small income from internet-advertising.
The Association is not given any kind of support from the Government or other public authorities. At present time the economy is fairly good.

Internet: www.nblf.no
Homepage continuously updated, contenting news, vocabulary, links, minutes from meetings, "Sunshine Stories”, etc. Internet is NBLFs organising tool, including database of regional divisions, members, e-mailadresses, e-mailbased magazine.

Main working area:
In many ways the Association has been the "spokesman" for the fire brigades in Norway in fire-technical matters. In recent years we have been working hard to get the education of the fire fighters, the leaders and the fire-prevention personal to a higher level.
There are a lot of changing of rules and organisations in all parts of our working area going on, in which NBLF have been heavily involved for a long time.

Contact with the Authorities:
The Association have fairly good contact with the Norwegian Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) we are still building up contact with the political part of our authorities.

Travel grants:
NBLF with support from DSB, gives two travel grants yearly. They are open for members that want to study different subjects with the overall goal to increase the quality of the Norwegian fire service.

National projects:
As a part of the agreement with the insurance company, members shall report "sunshine-stories”. We try to make the fire statistics upside down, and collect fires that has remained small because fire prevention initiatives that have functioned well. The reporting is done directly on internet.

Parallel with an on-going work with an European and Nordic terminology, NBLF try to develop a Norwegian fire terminology. The work is done together with our national authorities, fire schools and universities, standardisation organisation etc. See www.kbt.no and www.afterm.no

International contacts:
The General Meeting have decided that contact with the Nordic sister organisations and other European fire officer organisations have first priority.
NBLF is a member of the Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Associations (FEU).

Chief Fire Officer Nils-Erik Haagenrud
Midt. Hedmark Fire Service
Kirkevegen 75
Tel:+4762433232   Mobile: +4790985642
E-mail: [email protected]
Vice president 
Chief Fire Officer Geir Thorsen
Ålesund brannvesn KF
Øvre Strandgt. 38
Tel:+4770163250   Mobile: +4790548289
Head of Department Per Ole Sivertsen
Tromsø Fire and Rescue
Forsøket 9
Tel:+4777790712   Mobile: +4791373112
Head of Department Per Ole Sivertsen
Tromsø Fire and Rescue
Forsøket 9
Tel:+4777790712   Mobile: +4791373112
E-mail: [email protected]



Webredaktør: Marianne Juul




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